Kentucky Derby Time – The Limousines Are Coming To Lousville

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The first Saturday in May is the Kentucky Derby. For me it means seeing many unique limousines rolling through Louisville Kentucky. The Derby attracts all sorts of celebrities and stars. They come to town as well as limousines for not only them but also other VIP’s who need to get from party to event and back again. I really enjoy seeing them come to town and I hand my kids cameras to see if they can get a picture of a star.

I have often wondered why celebrities used limousines to get around at major sporting events like the derby. The answer is simple. It makes the most sense! The parking fees alone are a killer for events such as the derby. Rental cars are hard to come by. Traffic is a bear and that ASSUMES you know where you are going. Renting a limousine takes care of all of these details and more.

Gone are the worries about a designated driver. Mint juleps can be consumed with no worries about how to get home after the race. The limo is only a phone call away and you get delivered to the correct gate at Churchill Downs with zero problems. What a way to go! No wonder it is worth the expense!

If you choose to go this route though, you will need to plan early and call ahead to the local limousine companies so that they can reserve you a car. These once a year type of events seem to have every limo in town booked solid. Many, in fact, are called in from neighboring areas and from around the country. The Louisville based drivers get to return the favor to drivers in Indianapolis later in the month with the running of the Indy 500.

All in all, using a limousine for a sporting event such as the derby is a smart move. It is cost efficient provided that you have at least a few people and it is fun. You can kick back, relax and enjoy the race!


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